About Us

THEHERBALPHARMACY is an extension of service from KIONG ONN MEDICAL HALL PTE LTD. It is established with the objective to provide a comprehensive online pharmacy with the most extensive range of products at economical prices. Its wide range of products include TCM Proprietary Medicine, Health Supplements, OTC Products, General Health Products, Health Equipment and etc. It hopes to provide convenience with choices and savings.

THEHERBALPHARMACY places great emphasis on ensuring the quality of products supplied. As such, Singapore Manufactured Products with quality assurance constitutes about 75% of total supplies.

THEHERBALPHARMACY’S main business KIONG ONN MEDICAL HALL PTE LTD has been in business for nearly four decades. Initially, it was located at Jalan Kayu but later relocated to Hougang until now. KIONG ONN MEDICAL HALL PTE LTD’s main business activities include retailing of TCM medicine, Chinese herbs, OTC medicine, dispense of Chinese herbs based on prescription from in house physicians and prescription from other TCM clinics and hospitals. It also operates a clinic with registered TCM physicians.

Throughout its years in business, KIONG ONN MEDICAL HALL PTE LTD has successfully built an intangible asset of valuable trust with its loyal base of customers by providing down to earth products and services with quality at affordable prices. Many of these customers even become long-time friends. It has become an active member of the community especially in the north east area for taking care of the wellbeing of those with TCM medical and health needs.

THEHERBALPHARMACY shares the same philosophy and visions itself to be a trustworthy and leading online pharmacy to reach out to the needs of local customers and as well as international customers.

Its motto will be to become a prominent contributor to the community, serving with conscience and integrity.