Tong Jum Chew is Singapore's home-grown Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist, providing quality TCM products and services since 1965.

About Tong Jum Chew

The historical development of Tong Jum Chew Pte Ltd is divided into three phases:

Three decades

prior to 2004





Phase 1: We are a well- established enterprise with more than 40 years of history in TCM health care products. In the three decades prior to 2004, our core business was in the import and export of TCM.


Phase 2: With the accelerated modernisation of TCM and its increased regulation by the Health Sciences Authority of Singapore, since 2004, our company has moved from the import and export of TCM to the manufacturing of TCM and health care products.


Phase 3: As our business gradually grew in strength, we wanted to further expand the scope of our operations and develop our company into a modernised medical group so as to maintain our competitive advantage in an increasingly internationalised market environment. In 2009, we decided to embark on our own chain of medical stores and TCM clinics.

Our company embraces technology and industrialisation as a path towards the continuous development of our core competitiveness. With natural health care as the mainstream and pharmaceuticals at the core, we have morphed into a modernised TCM company that covers the entire value chain, from TCM manufacturing to wholesale and retail in both domestic and international markets, as well as the operations of medical chain stores and TCM clinics. The integration of a complete range of services encompassing production, distribution, sales, medical treatment and health care has further highlighted our competitive edge in this industry.

The goals of our company are: to cultivate first-class staff members, hone first-class skills, produce first-class products, provide first-class service, and create a first-class enterprise.

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